The company "Infra Concept" Ltd. was founded in 2008 and until the work is focused and specialized in building sites: playgrounds, sports fields, playgrounds, parks, public works and landscaping, recreational and pedestrian zones. Implementation of the building and repair contract for buildings and facilities needs to be completed within five years. In 2018, the company has successfully developed an integrated quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 management system and OHSAS 18001: 2007 Health and Safety Conditions.




"Infra Concept" Ltd. distributes the territory of Bulgaria and Macedonia leading European manufacturers, portfolio of offered products includes over 600 model children's and sports facilities for children aged 2 to 18 years / first year, childhood, kindergarten, gazebos, benches , pergolas, fitness for children, fitness for adults, parks, furniture, waste containers, self-leveling flooring, rubber seals, gaskets, EPDM and acrylic surfaces for tennis courts, soccer not, volleyball and basketball courts - machine applied for anshno and interior use specialized equipment to underprivileged children, fitness for adults and disadvantaged children / escaped from EU quality and standard. Certified according to BDS EN 1176 and BDS EN 1177, complying with ORDINANCE 1 dated 12.01.2009 for working and editing the device and the safety of the sites.




"Infra Concept" has a new, modern, state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and vehicles from leading brands that have proven their reliability, efficiency and performance. The company has the necessary engineering and technical advice, as well as the specialized workers required by them, with keywords having experience, skills and knowledge.




The company policy is aimed at introducing new technologies for building work on children's and sports grounds, using modern mechanization, qualification of the employees and safety of the construction process. The mission of Infra Concept Ltd. is to contribute to the formation of a positive attitude towards the society towards sport and children's games.




The desire to play appears naturally in all children. The process itself enhances their self-confidence, the opening of the worlds for new opportunities, the emerging social and complex skills, as well as those who have to take decisions in certain problems. From the creation of the situation in the early 20th century to today will be changed drastically. Isolated metal pieces become thematic facilities, whose creative activity is uncontrollable, but also determine the endurance and safety, which is much higher. It is still important to remember that the process and effectiveness of the game can not be triggered, they are part of the child's imagination. The next goal is to create a playground and create an environment that will attract and care for children.


The main issue for designing playgrounds is to provide challenging and fun activities, given that it is safe for children. The children's facilities shall be constructed according to the regulations, following the following rules: "Ordinance 1 of 12.01.2009. "BDS EN 1176: 2008 - Playground equipment and floor coverings", "BDS EN 1177: 2008 - Playground equipment and facilities".


The process of designing playgrounds as well as designing public spaces should be done with a comprehensive survey. For example, Important information about the preliminary project that will be made on a playground (bicycles, buses) that will be monitored if you play on the playground, whatever the expectation of the assignment and how many children are expected. terrain. The meaning can be used, if any.




We believe in the development and management of modern and sustainable playgrounds. Over the years, we have built our reputation for building work and realizing our products' support, which are enjoyed by friends and practitioners. "Infra Concept" Ltd. has been developing children's and sports playgrounds for more than ten years and our team has extensive experience in similar projects, qualifications and experience in construction, landscaping and architecture, manufacturing and other services for the professional realization of infrastructure projects. We offer you